Summit Coach Training from Pinnacle Leadership Associates has achieved a new status.  SCT has been approved as an ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) provider by the International Coaching Federation, a global organization dedicated to professionalism in coaching.  The 64-hour training program equips graduates to offer effective and compassionate coaching for all types of clients as well as providing approved education hours to apply for individual credentialing by ICF.

“Accreditation by ICF validates our commitment to provide a top-quality training program to our students,” said Ircel Harrison, Coaching Coordinator for Pinnacle Leadership Associates.  “Our students become part of a supportive and committed community of lifelong learners while practicing coaching skills.  This training takes them to another level professionally.”

Beth Kennett of the Center for Congregational Health and a co-creator of Summit Coach Training, shares “This is an exciting occasion!  We have offered coach training through the Center for Congregational Health and through Pinnacle Leadership Associates separately for many years. We have trained wonderful coaches and we have worked with many of those coaches to achieve a coaching credential through a portfolio process.  With this accreditation, the International Coaching Federation acknowledges that participants who complete Summit Coach Training are ready to apply for a coaching credential.”

Pinnacle’s Founder and Team Leader Mark Tidsworth has enjoyed watching the evolution of Summit Coach Training. “We are so excited about this recognition of excellence for Summit Coach Training by the international credentialling organization for coaches (ICF). Now, rather than referring aspiring coaches to other organizations, Summit Coach Training is an emerging go-to-organization for quality training in the Pinnacle family of services. Another very satisfying part of this story is this collaborative partnership with our friends at the Center For Congregational Health. Ircel Harrison and Beth Kennett embody the inspiring spirit of partnership that improves the world as we know it.”

Application for accreditation requires that all classes be taught at least once, five participants successfully complete the program, and the rigorous standards of ICF Coaching Education be met.  The first cohort graduated in November 2021 and application was submitted immediately.  All classes are taught in compliance with the ICF Code of Ethics, the ICF Core Competencies, and the ICF Values.

Harrison noted, “Most of our students are already involved in ministry.  Summit Coach Training equips them to use coaching skills as leaders or to work toward developing their own coaching practices.  I am impressed by those who choose to journey with us in this training.”

For information about Summit Coach Training, go to this site.  A list of new courses will be posted early in March.