Learn About AIIM Membership

What is AIIM?

The first Center-sponsored event was intentional interim ministry training. At the end of the course, participants expressed a desire for a “professional arm” of the Center, and that was the beginning of AIIM (The Association for Intentional Interim Ministry).

Individuals who engage in interim ministry do so because they believe that God has called them to this ministry of transition. Therefore, we chose the following scriptural identity, and developed the following mission statement:

“But you are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God’s instruments to do God’s work and speak out for God, to tell others of the night-and-day difference God made for you (I Peter 2:9, The Message).

The purpose of AIIM is to promote excellence, provide accountability, and maintain integrity for those engaged in ministering to faith communities during the time between installed pastors.

  • Promote Excellence: Those called to serve as interim ministers need training to hone their existing skills as well as to aid them in developing new skills that deal with the dynamics of the transition time in a congregation. Two courses are designed to meet this need: Interim Ministry I and Interim Ministry II. Those who finish both courses are involved in over 85 hours of residential training and fieldwork. The fieldwork experience assists participants in learning how to convert the theoretical learnings from the classroom into practical application for an interim congregation. In addition, being professional means that those who practice this ministry want to be life-long learners. Practitioners are required to attend training updates, special forums, and leadership development opportunities, earning continuing education credits. Interim ministers also are encouraged to keep current with the latest written resources.
  • Provide Accountability: Interim ministry is performed under a written covenant between the local congregation and the interim pastor. The covenant provides clear expectations of what is to happen during the interim time. At the end of the experience, the lay leaders engage in a Reflections process that provides feedback about the process as well as identifying the gifts the interim pastor brought to the congregation.
  • Maintain Integrity: It is important that all of those who have a stake in healthy faith communities have confidence that the ministry promised to a congregation is what is actually delivered by the interim pastor. Consequently, membership in AIIM is required for persons who wish to have their profiles posted on the Center’s website. The Center keeps track of the individual records of each practitioner, making certain that the continuing education requirements and Reflections work are kept up-to-date.

Annual Membership Dues – $50

  • Requirements:
    • Complete Interim Ministry I (formerly Interim Ministry for Today’s Church) or Interim Ministry Combined (in person or virtual)
    • engage in continuing education and/or AIIM conversations;
    • Complete Reflections at the end of each congregation served.
  • Benefits:
    • Monthly mailings
    • Monthly conversations
    • Certificate of Membership
    • 10% discount on Center-sponsored education events
    • Trained personnel to conduct Reflections
    • Profile posted on Center’s website