All Center for Congregational Health face-to-face meetings and events have been canceled in order to follow the guidelines related to mitigating the spread of COVID-19. We are currently working to develop online offerings for our various training events, and will update this website as new information is available.
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Interim Ministry

Assisting faith communities as they navigate the transition from one pastor to the next.


Guidance for congregations facing challenges and opportunities

Interim Ministry

Search our database of interim ministers to help congregations during the transition time between pastors.

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Critical help at the right time—the Center offers professional guidance to congregations that are facing both challenges and opportunities. Learn about our consulting services.


Group Coaching Cohort coming soon.

By Rev. Dr. Charity Roberson What does it look like to build a life that honors what really matters to me? Does how I spend my time reflect what I say I value? Does my ministry reflect what I say I value? After Elijah’s triumphant moment on Mount Carmel and a sign...

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What’s the BIG DEAL with coach training?

by Beth Kennett I regularly hear questions about coach training--Why are so many people becoming coaches?  Why is coach training popping up in so many places?  What makes your coach training any different from anybody else's?  What is the big deal with becoming a...

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