Find an Interim Minister

The following steps are to help you as a congregation find an intentional interim minister:

  1. Ask the congregation’s leadership team to read our article about interim ministry, as well as watch the video there.
  2. If the leadership team is clear about the IIM process, proceed to step 3. If however, they would like to schedule a conference call with a member of the Center’s team, please send an email to Anne Tambling () or call her at 336-682-8045.
  3. Notify Anne that the congregation or administrative body has approved engaging in the intentional interim ministry process. She will reply with a website password.
  4. Login to our website here using the provided password. This will open access to all of the profiles of trained intentional interim ministers. (If you want hard copies of the profiles, you can print them by selecting “Print” from your web browser’s menu, typically under “File” –> “Print”.)
  5. The congregation is then responsible for contacting the interim, determining interest, and making a final decision.

Should you get stuck at any point, please contact Anne and she will guide you through the process.