September, 2019 Mailing

Dear AIIM members:

We have been talking about Thriving in Ministry for almost a year now.  The School of Divinity of Wake Forest University, in partnership with the Center for Congregational Health, has launched the application process for the first two cohorts which will meet for the first time in February, 2020.  We are looking for 12 ministers to form a cohort of Intentional Interim Ministers and 12 church start ministers.  Please share this information with friends and colleagues and in newsletters and groups where you have connections.

This letter brings to you information about the Thriving in Ministry opportunity as well as a few articles about thriving through transition. I will be interested to hear any feedback from you, because I know that you live into this work and ministry every day.

We are looking for Intentional Interim Ministers to apply to form a 12 member Cohort to discern and align their gifts, talents, energies, and professional identity in their current work in ministry and with their broader vocational trajectory by sharing wisdom among specific clergy cohorts and sharpening leadership skills through multiple forms of mentoring. The design of this program is to provide community, enhance ministry leadership skills, offer space for renewal and strengthen authentic identity.  We are looking for diversity of ages and experience in ministry, as well as denominations and geography.

Please visit the web-site, scrolling to the second half of the page to see the full description.  Website and program of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.  The purpose is to cultivate pastors’ capacity to nurture collegial friendships, mentoring relationships and their own wellbeing.

6 Ways to Manage and Thrive Through Transition and Change, Tam, Marilyn.  Huffington Post, 09/16/2014. A blog about lowering stress and engaging the positive during transitions.

A Promising Career? The Thriving Transition Cycle, Harris, M.W., Myhill, M. E., Walker, J.H. International Journal of Sports Science 2012, 2(3): 16-23 DOI: 10.5923/j.sports.20120203.01

A white paper articulating the Thriving Transition Cycle, describes research having to do with 24 young, male, elite athletes who were required to relocate to take up their football playing contracts.  The thriving transition cycle as described has four stages that beautifully parallel the stages and focus points of Intentional Interim Ministry.

It’s Crazy Out There:  Practices for Religious Leaders. Peers, Lawrence, September 5, 2017An article reminding us of healthy practices that help us to do our best work and remain healthy during transition and change.

Thank you for the work that you are doing and to which you are called.  May God add peace and blessing on you as you do the good work of transition ministry.

Beth Kennett