By Rev. Dr. Charity Roberson

What does it look like to build a life that honors what really matters to me? Does how I spend my time reflect what I say I value? Does my ministry reflect what I say I value?

After Elijah’s triumphant moment on Mount Carmel and a sign that the drought would soon be over, he found himself still running for his life. Feeling lonely and overwhelmed, he fled to the desert and sought shelter under a broom tree. It is a shrub really, but it is there that God sustained him.

This year has provided new challenges around every corner, shaken most of what has been successful in the past in our lives and ministries and opened our eyes to what really matters as we have lost our usual “weapons of mass distraction,” a phrase used by Trouble I’ve Seen by Drew G.I. Hart. Months of ongoing work cycles with little time off, families close to him and far away suffering, challenges in life and ministry to which it seems there are no great answers for, and the reality that this is our marathon and not our sprint can all lead us to feel introspectively exhausted. With out our normal distractions, we find ourselves with deep questions about the values from which we live and minister.

“Under the Broom Tree” is a group coaching cohort that gives you space to find shelter, like shelter under a shrub in the middle of the desert, this cohort will be space for a shelter in the middle of a pandemic. We know that God will meet us there as we ask the deep questions about what we value. Participants will be guided through the group coaching process and given time to explore the values for which they want to build their life and ministries around in a safe, confidential space with other colleagues.