In congregations with generous giving, leaders plan for the stewardship results they want, and need. Last years’ and last minute ideas thrown into a jumbled mix are rarely successful and can be damaging not only for one year, but for years to come. Stewardship teams work best when they invest time and energy in advance to be sure that they are properly organized to achieve the results they desire.

Successful stewardship comes from an organized effort. So, do you have a plan? Is it carefully thought through and prayed through? Does it have priority in the life of the church from the staff and lay leaders? Does it build on effective principles of growing generosity?  Does it include all aspects of a unified approach to growing generosity?

The following questions will aid you in getting organized for successful stewardship in your congregation. By fully considering these questions, you should arrive at the answers you need to move confidently ahead. You will have a plan.

  1. What’s your goal?  The more mission-oriented your goal, the better results you can expect.
  2. Who’s on your team?  Be sure to represent men, women, younger ages and newer members.
  3. Why care about stewardship?  Because you care about your members’ growing in Christ?
  4. When’s your timetable?  Will you set aside weeks for storytelling messages and testimonies?
  5. Where will you ask?  Pulpit ministry and worship testimonies are vitally important.
  6. How will you follow up?  A good plan with a strong start and regular reports of success works best.
  7. What resources will you use?  Will you attend a stewardship / generosity conference that promises to help you answer all these questions and then leave with a plan developed just for your congregation?

Stewardship is serious business for it reveals our true motivations, and gods. Stewardship is all we do with all we have to carry out our God-given purposes as individuals and congregations. Stewardship is also joyful business for generous giving will lead us into the life that is truly life.


Ruben Swint, Generosity Guy

[email protected]