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As you will read below, we are in transition. If you have come to the Center for Congregational Health website to register for an event, get information on interim ministry, or get information on consulting and coaching, please click on one of the buttons above.


BUT, before you “click,” please read the following message from Dr. Gary Gunderson, Vice President, FaithHealth, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center:


Welcome to the Center for Congregational Health! For 22 years, thousands of clergy, laypeople and those who love the church have found their way here. During those years the Center has been part of the ministries of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. The seed of the medical center was planted in 1920 by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina with a view that it would never be far from the church and the church would never be far from the ministry of healing. 


The life of both churches and health organizations has changed radically in those 94 years! We see that health sciences are returning to a more integrated and holistic understanding of health and the influences that shape health, just as congregations are coming to a deeper awareness of the importance and relevance of healthy congregations to the life journeys of their members and neighbors.


This increasingly vital relationship between health and congregations is finding new structure at the Medical Center through the renaming of the Division of Pastoral Care to FaithHealth (without even a space in between the two!). We’ve established a new initiative, FaithHealthNC that builds greatly on the DNA and staff of the former Center for Congregational Health. And we’ve created a research engine called FaithHealth Innovations as well as an education and training group called FaithHealth Academy.


We are also happy to note that Dr. Bill Wilson has established an entirely new entity, the Center for Healthy Congregations that carries forward some of the work that is no longer the primary focus here at FaithHealth. You can find it at healthy-churches.


In the process of all the innovation, we have kept as a treasure the ministry of helping congregations in their own organizational health, too. For all will be lost without hundreds of vital places that form and nurture faith. Don Durham and Brian Foreman, two of our long-term Center for Congregational Health consultants, will co-lead this program. An integral but distinctive part of the FaithHealth division, this program will give special attention to those Conventions, congregational and denominational partners that have long shared our journey of discovery and ministry. Intentional Interim Ministry, that special work with congregations in a time of pastoral leadership transition, will continue under the leadership of Les Robinson.


As always, you can ask for help or guidance by calling the same number: 336-716-9722, or by emailing to


You can expect to see more about the work of the Center for Congregational Health Program on this website in the coming months.


Thanks again for your interest. And thanks for caring about the church.


Gary Gunderson

Vice President, FaithHealth
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


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