As a church, and as individual believers, we are called to be a light in the world. One way to be a light in the world is to stand out in the way we communicate with others. We live in a world where every conversation with family members, every decision made within a church, every meeting with co-workers and every post on social media has the potential to ignite an ugly conflict with those we care about. What passes as “communication” more often disconnects and separates us from others, and escalates conflictual situations.

This course session is based on this premise: before we can communicate and connect compassionately with others, we must take the first step to connect compassionately with ourselves AND with God.

Participants in this session will be introduced to a framework that can help them identify their feelings, thoughts, and needs in order to lay a healthier foundation for compassionate communication that may actually prevent a conflict.

Enlist a Sunday school class, a mission group, your deacons, elders or other leadership bodies to join us in this webinar. Targeted invitations will allow the work of the training to continue in healthy ways in relationships and in your church.

Join us on Sunday, November 7 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. as we learn tools to engage in healthier communication and conversation.

Through our Thriving Congregations Lilly Grant, we are able to greatly subsidize the cost of this event. Cost is just $50.00 per congregation. Once a church has registered, you will receive a link to share with participants so they can log on individually. There will be small group breakouts led by trained consultants and individuals will be mixed with other congregations, while pastors, ministers and church staff will have their own breakout group.

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