The purpose of Interim Ministry 2 (The Work of the Congregation) is to help participants learn to lead a congregation through the Intentional Interim Ministry process. The training, therefore, contains information related to:

  • the formation, orientation and facilitation of a team to work on the five focus points of an interim congregation;
  • methods by which a congregation can work with these focus points;
  • additional resources to assist the congregation with conflict and other possible issues.

Participants must complete the introductory course, Interim Ministry 1 (The Work of the Minister), before they are eligible to enroll in this training event.

Interim Ministry 2 consists of this 5-day Residential Lab (November 6-10, 2017), an individual field project, and participation in a series of conference calls.  Specific dates and times for the conference calls will be scheduled during the Lab.

The cost of tuition and materials is $1,195…

  • TOTAL cost (including single room, meals, breaks): $1,565
  • TOTAL commuter costs (meals and breaks only): $1,335

Limited scholarships are available for CBF clergy – dependent upon need and availability at the time the application is submitted.  Scholarship request must be indicated on application form.

Please Note: A quality learning experience is dependent upon a minimum number of active participants. The minimum number of learners required for the residential lab experience is 10 participants. We reserve the right to cancel any training event that does not reach this minimum number of participants.  Please take this into consideration when making travel arrangements.

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