A team is characterized by shared vision and leadership, definable goals, clear roles/responsibilities, and an effective process.  Strong distinction is drawn in this module of Coaching Training between the group as a board or committee, and the differences from the qualities of a team.  Relationships displaying respect, trust and enjoyment for one another are essential to a team.  A team also has a positive plan for addressing conflict.

The coaching of teams requires the ability to build a strong sense of consensus, and the ability to handle such distractions as monopolizers, the withdrawn, and the angry.  Using ICF Core Competencies, this module addresses and supports the development of specific skills and tools for working most effectively with teams.

This training opportunity is one of three two-day modules related to Coaching Training.  Each of the two-day modules consists of a total of 16 hours, and will be conducted at the Center for Congregational Health, 1920 Queen Street, Winston-Salem, NC.  We’ll begin at 9:00 AM (Eastern Time) on Monday, June 10, and will complete the module at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, June 11.  The cost is $567; including lunches and snacks.  (Participants are responsible for their own lodging.)

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