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    9 am - 4 pm ETVirtual

    This is a virtual course. The course consists of a 5-day classroom experience followed by individual fieldwork. The fieldwork entails completing a project related to one of the focus points covered in class, and participating in a series of teleconferences.

    This 5-day course combines the Interim Ministry 1 (the work of the leader) and the Interim Ministry 2 (the work of the congregation) courses. It is designed for those individuals who have already discerned God’s call to interim ministry. Interim Ministry Training focuses on the work of the interim minister as he/she leads a congregation through the time of transition, as well as on the work of the congregation during this journey.

    To enhance the learning experience, participants are required to complete six pre-work assignments. Class begins on at 9:00 AM (ET) and ends at 4:00 PM each day, Monday - Friday. Fieldwork starts about 30 days after the last day of class and consists of five conference calls conducted in approximately 30-day intervals. Fieldwork expectations are explained in-depth during the training event. Note: Applicants who previously completed IM1, and who now wish to complete their training in order to be recognized as an Intentional Interim Minister, please contact for more information.

    Cost of this training: $1740

    Training Facilitator is Rev. Dr. Les Robinson. Les worked with the Center for Congregational Health for 21 years before he retired in June 2017. Not only has Les written the training curriculum for Intentional Interim Ministry, but many trainers for educating Intentional Interim Ministers across the world have also adapted his curriculum.

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  • Mon
    13:00:00 - 16:00Zoom

    Faith communities are looking for assistance in meeting the increasingly complex challenges of mission, ministry and congregational life. The programmatic, cookie-cutter answers once offered by denominations and traditional consultants are now often inadequate to meet these challenges. The need is growing for consultants who can provide more personalized, context-specific help to faith communities.

    To meet this growing need for qualified consultants, the Center for Congregational Health is offering a process to train and develop consultants to work with faith communities.  The training consists of a 9-week classroom experience, followed by individual fieldwork and participation in a series of teleconferences.


    Each Monday for 9 weeks, from 1 pm - 4 pm. Begins on September 12, 2022 and goes through November 7, 2022.  This training will be conducted via Zoom.  Specific dates and times for the fieldwork teleconferences will be scheduled during the class.

    Costs for training:

    • Standard: $1,765
    • AIIM, IMN members and Pinnacle Leadership Associates: 10% discount

    Please note: a quality learning experience is dependent upon a minimum number of active participants. The Center reserves the right to cancel any training event that does not reach a minimum of 10. Please take this into consideration when making travel arrangements.

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