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The Island of Misfit Toys: a place where all belong
dmhall | December 5, 2011

While driving during the Thanksgiving Holiday, I heard the song from the Island of Misfit Toys (The Most Wonderful Day of the Year) from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Of course, I sang along; I love this song.  I have always been amazed at how progressive Robert May was to write this story in the 1930s and made for TV in 1964.  This story is still one that parallels the Christmas story for me, maybe it is because I grew up with Rudolph, but the message that Christmas is for everyone is beautiful to me.  This is precisely the message the church is invited to share at all times and is the message of Christmas.  The Island of Misfit Toys is a reminder that there is a purpose for everyone and a place for everyone, we do not need to be the ideal, nor do we need to be a misfit.  In being who we are, we are wonderfully and beautifully made and there is good and purpose in who we are.  As we read and remember the story of the birth of Jesus, we might see that Jesus could have been sequestered to the Island of Misfits, but instead Jesus lived a life opening up the recognition and affirmation of all, including those often seen as misfits; maybe especially those seen as misfits. 

As Christians, we have a mission to help others know they are loved.  We have experienced the greatest gift of all—LOVE.  During this Advent season, may we acknowledge that gifts are not about the money we spend, the greatest gift is about the love that we share; the love that we give to others.

May you, through this gift of love, experience peace and joy this Advent season.


Beth Kennett, December, 2011


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